December 19th, 2018

So sorry for the lack of updates, but trust me, this one is worth it. One of my ‘grail’ cards has been a Ty Cobb signed T206. I was an under-bidder for one 3 years ago and hadn’t seen one for sale; until Novembers Robert Edwards Auctions. The EXACT SAME COBB I was the under-bidder went up for sale, so I had to have her. It seemed like destiny brought her back to me.

I won the Cobb, and I also won an very historic Connie Mack 1887 Old Judge autographed card as well as an Elmer Flick signed T206.


july 6th, 2017

Well, it has been a crazy past year, my friends. Just three months ago, I got the most important pickup of my life; my sweet little daughter Elsie :).

As you can see, she's clearly more important than a picture of an old-dead guy on a piece of cardboard :).

Now! On to the card pickups! It sure as hell has been an historic year for me in vintage cards as well as modern. You will see my updates below through the last year that I had missed including, starting with the Robinson's at the bottom.

july 2017

Well, not a baseball card and I don't card because technically it's an Hall of Fame Autographed Rookie Card :).

1986 Fleer SGC Auto774.jpg

May-June 2017

Another special few months getting a few cards I never thought I would get. Sam Crawford was one of THE premier power hitters right before Babe Ruth. I am blessed and honored to have been able to trade for this with my good friend Paul. I have been looking for years for a decently priced copy and wasn't able to find one, until a trade offer came up. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

A very underrated card that can be forgotten from the set to collect. Having died in 1948, Pennock is one of THE most sought after signed cards of the 1933 Goudey set. I have only seen a few copies and far less copies of him than Ruth or Gehrig.

Yeah, where do I begin after showing off Wahoo LOL. How about with a Goose? A very, very difficult signed 1933 Goudey of Goose Goslin happened to fall in my lap through a lot I did not expect to win. Along with the Goose was a fella named Dazzy Vance who wanted to tag along in a separate lot. That's not all, they just so happened to be with a few other HoF signed Goudey upgrades I have been looking for: Ted Lyons, Red Ruffing, Bill Terry, Bill Dickey, Waite Hoyte, Earle Combs, Freddie Lindstrom, , Charles Gehringer, Sam Rice and Earl Averill. Phew! What a month and especially of upgrades! The dupes will be listed shortly!

1933 Goudey

1933 Goudey

1933 Goudey

1933 Goudey

To cap off of June, I was able to pickup a very nice example of a 1961 Topps signed rookie of Juan Marichal.

april 2017

April was simply amazing! I got a card (though modern) that I made an exception for! A 1991 Upper Deck autographed rookie card of Michael Jordan!!! I saw one of these for sale at the 2013 Chicago National and ever since I had to get one. It was severely over priced at the Nat'l so I was hoping to get a copy for relatively cheap. Not only was it that, it was cheaper than my intended budget significantly!

1991 Upper Deck

1991 Upper Deck


Lastly, I got the Don. Don Drysdale that is. The last signed rookie HoF'er I needed from the 1957 set (Mazeroski, Bunning, Frank and Brooks Robinson).

1957 Topps

1957 Topps

February 2017

This month was fun as I got a rookie era signature of Mr. Cub on his rookie as well as I finally said screw it, let's cross Boudreau off the list!

1954 Topps

1954 Topps

1948 Leaf

1948 Leaf

December 2016

I went Duck Hunting. This next group was fun to pickup, as a few were slight upgrades and some vintage era signatures! The Palmer is signed from either in '66 or '67, the Ruffing he dated himself as 1939. Looking back at his older signature styles, the black fountain pen matches an 1939-40 signature.

august 2016

This was a huge pickup for me as well as another neat card that is very unique. I finally got my Rajah (Rogers Hornsby) signed 1933 Goudey as well as a signed Lil Poison (Lloyd Waner) autographed 1933 Goudey. What makes the Waner unique is that it was actually signed by his brother Paul Waner, then got erased. You can still see faint remnants of Big Poison's autograph on his little brothers' card!

1933 Goudey

1933 Goudey

1933 Goudey w/ Paul

1933 Goudey w/ Paul

june 12, 2016

Gold is good enough for me! I have been chasing this card for years from a fellow cardboard collecting friend, and now, I finally own it as mine! I proudly introduce an autographed 1911 T205 Gold Border of Hall of Famer Ed Walsh!!! There is a 1909-11 T206 signed of his, but I'm happy with the Gold as it's my preferred set of those two :D.

The lifetime leader in Earned Run Average at 1.82, "Big Ed" Walsh won 40 games for the 1908 Chicago White Sox while pitching an astonishing 464 innings. Slowly damaging his arm while eclipsing 360 innings in three consecutive seasons between 1910 and 1912, the Chite Sox hurler was all but finished by 1913, never again reaching even 50 innings pitched in his last four seasons. Still, his earned run average and 195 career wins were enough to enshrine him in the Hall of Fame in 1946.

This example of Walsh's T205 "Gold Border" card was signed in Walsh's hand, in heavy blue ink. Authenticated by PSA/DNA, this is the only Walsh-signed tobacco card we have seen, the scarcity of his signature on a baseball card well known among hobbyists. This is an exceptional example, one of several HOF signed tobacco cards to be featured in this auction.


First off, let's meet the Robinson's. I have been waiting for some fine examples of these cards on and off for a few years now. I am so proud to finally add two mid/high-grade signed rookies of these legends! It's nice to check off these two legends from the same gorgeous set!

1957 Topps

1957 Topps

1957 Topps

1957 Topps

OCTOBER 16TH, 2016

I got a few signed Goudeys in Huggins' most auction (along with the Collins) that I'll slowly be showing off. There were about 140+ different signed Goudeys being offered from a long time collector. He/she got them all signed at Fenway Park in the mid-late 30's. The majority of these players were still playing while a few (like the Ruth and Collins for example) were signed at the stadium but as guests.

Nothing getting a lot of history, provenance and background on these being signed. I am extremely exited to add the tough Eppa Rixey. The card itself is in very good condition with a beautiful fountain pen signature that grades 9-10. I have seen a handful signed so I'm glad to finally check this off my list!

october 13th, 2016

Well, it's been a long hiatus since I have updated this, so I apologize! Been a crazy busy year with getting married, building a house and moving, got a couple puppies and am expecting a kid! Phew! But, I will be updating the site quite often like last year. 

So, I have a lot of cards to showoff since then, I'll slowly start to show them in separate posts. But, I feel like this is the perfect card to start off with; a signed 1933 Goudey Eddie Collins. I know there are a handful of these around, but I did NOT expect to ever grab hold of one. I know I said that the Ruth was a card I never expected to get because of the value (there are plenty of signed Ruth Goudey's around) but this is far more scarce so I didn't know for sure if I would be able to snag one.

Luckily, Huggins had a collector consign a monstrous signed 33 Goudey collection with a ton of rare HoF'ers including Ruth, Foxx, Frisch, Vaughan, Hornsby, Vance, Simmons, Cochrane, Bottomley etc. As well as common toughies like Earl Clark, Joe Judge, Bill Walker, Ed Brandt, Bill Cissell and many many others. 

I think with this large offering, it really helped drop down the prices on many other auctions. The Ruth, Foxx and Clark were targeted the heaviest so I figured I may get a chance at a few of these lots. The card is very clean and has sharp colors. It is signed in pencil that grades about 7-8. I am very happy with the Collins and can't wait to show some others that I won from this great Huggins offering!


arpil 7th, 2015

Unfortunately I couldn't post these sooner, but am very excited about these three pickups, two of which are quite rare. The first is one of the rarest signed back HOF T206 in EXISTANCE! Yep, heard it right, only (and I say that because I have not seen any) a few other HOF'ers with a tougher T206 back signed. This is the El Principe De Gales back, which is probably in the middle to middle-bottom of the pack for scarcity.

Next, Yaz. This is so freaking cool, you rarely see any cards signed from pre-70's HOF'ers that were signed early in their playing career. What makes this so neat is that this is not only signed twice by Yaz, but it is signed twice from two different time periods. The one on the left is his current signature, and the one of the right in ink his is rookie/early career signature. WOW! Best part is that JSA certified it and they also included in the description that it is from two different time periods.

Last but not least, a Rube Walberg signed 1927 W560 Joker Playing Card. Doesn't fit my collection, but hey, how can you go wrong with a signed pre-war card! Especially one where Ruth was also a joker in the set!

1909 T206 EPDG.jpg

march 22nd, 2015

Finally crossed off one tough card on my list, Dizzy Dean Goudey, as well as added another monster, Mel Ott 1940 Play Ball. Surprisingly, there aren't many Dean signed Goudey's, and like Foxx, Ott is also an extremely difficult signature to get on a card as well.

March 1st, 2015

Well, it has been quite a while since I have gotten a meaningful pickup, which I do not mind because that means I can save up to trade or make a purchase at some point.

My most recent pickup would be this beautifully signed 1934 Goudey Charles Gehringer. I already have his 1933 Goudey signed, but I simply could not resist the low price on this card, as well as he may have one of the most artistic autographs I have yet to see.

1934 Goudey - Charley Gehringer

1934 Goudey - Charley Gehringer

auction NEWS & UPDATES

REA - 1909-11 t206 ty cobb with rare ty cobb back!!!

This is one of the most sought after cards in the T206 set for back collectors or run collectors. This is part of the 'Lucky 7" find and there are about 20 examples known. It's always fun to see a Cobby back since they don't surface too often, but I am excited to see what the hammer price will be on this with juice! Currently, it sits in the low $100,000's with a little over two weeks left to bid. I expect this to push $200,000+.

goldin offering some monstrous items!!!

Ken Goldin has done it again! Notorious for getting some of the rarest sports items even known. The two that I want to feature are up for bidding in the October Legends Auction.

The first item we'll feature is one of the coolest pieces I have EVER seen. It is the Original Proposal for the First EVER Modern Olympic Games by Founder of the Modern Olympics Pierre de Coubertin.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin attended the "Olympic Games" held by England's Wenlock Society in 1890. The Wenlock games featured a mix of traditional English sports and ancient Greek and Roman events. He was significantly influenced by those Games and wanted a modern revival of the original Grecian Olympic Games. He also believed that an event such as this would help bring peace among nations through amateur athletic competitions. 

This historic document has a starting tag of $300,000 and the estimate is $1,000,000+ (which I think it will more likely settled around the $600,000-$750,000 range).

The next stunning piece offered has quite a bit of history; both good and bad :). We have the Historic Game Used First Basemen's glove from Bill Buckner. Not just an ordinary one, just the one that was used in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. You know, the one where the grounder went through his legs in the 10th allowing Mookie Wilson to score the game winning run and to force a game 7, which the Mets ended up ultimately winning.

The minimum bid is $25,000 and I think this could fetch up to $100,000.

Bill Buckner Game 6 Glove